Guangzhou Jinzhilai Washing Equipment Co., Ltd.(China)
ChinaSun 21st October 2018

Guangzhou Jinzhilai Washing Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 2006, it is a professional manufacturer specializing in laundry and dry cleaning equipment. Our main products are dry cleaning machine, oil dry cleaning machine, industrial washing machine and dryer, auxiliary machine includes packaging machine, self-priming wind ironing table, steam generator, form Finisher, clothing conveyor line, high-grade spotting table, steam ironer, wash shoes machine, beauty shoes machine, and shoes repaired machine etc. Our company has dry cleaning catena brand in China: JinZhiLai, we have 7000 chain shops, we accept OEM and ODM, We always fouce on the quality of the product to ensure our products are the best. Our products are popular used in hotels, hospitals, restaurant, school, Laundry, etc. It covers all over the world, popular at home and abroad, exported to southeast Asia, Indonesia, Britain, the United States and other countries. We invite customers from all over the world to cooperate , we will provide the best quality product to you.

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